Fresh Awakenings

Spring brings with it a fresh awakening. The wildflowers are blooming and the vegetable seeds are being sown. Pinewood Farms is no exception to the freshness of spring. For the past three years the Lundells’ have worked to create a sustainable community garden full of life, love and hard work. This year they have passed the challenge on to Crystal Lewis, a native of Pinewood who has a passion for growing high quality fruits and vegetables. For this transition, Pinewood Farms has solicited the help of well-known gardener, Jeff Poppen, better known as the Barefoot Farmer. Together, Crystal and Jeff, are revitalizing the magic that Pinewood Farms has locked in its soil in order to offer fresh, nutritious vegetables to the surrounding community.

Pinewood Farms has always functioned as an organic farm. This year, with guidance from Jeff Poppen, we will grow food with the integrity of the soil in the foremost of our mind and take our gardening ‘beyond organic’. The practice of biodynamic farming is based on the teaching of Austrian educator Dr. Rudolf Steiner and promotes a holistic understanding of the agriculture process. Biodynamic simply means “life-energy” and strives to create a diversified but balanced farm ecosystem.  It treats soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks and strives to generate health and fertility, when possible, from within the farm.

Pinewood Farms is committed to the biodynamic production of Earth’s bounty and wants to share this bounty with the community. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) began in the US in the 1980’s. This type of economic model and food distribution assumes a shared risk between farmer and consumer. This notion of shared risk, asks that members pay up front for the whole season and the farmers do their best to provide a variety of produce each week. If pickings are slim, the weather is bad etc. members are not typically reimbursed. The result is a feeling of “we’re in this together”. Many times, this idea of shared risk is part of what creates a sense of community among members and the farmers. Some advantages to participating in a CSA include access to fresh produce, new ways of cooking and a reliable source for healthy food options.

Pinewood Farms is now accepting CSA subscription for 2014. We ask for a one-time sign up fee of $15. This fee gives you a lifetime membership in the farm. So if you take a year or two off from the program then choose to come back, you will not be charged again.

The basic share is $100 per month due at the beginning of each month or $650/year, if paid up front or in two installments, one by the first pickup and one by September 1st.  Each week you will receive approximately 8-10lbs. of fresh picked, in season produce and a recipe card (the typical season for CSA is 7 months of the year).  We also offer grass fed beef, chickens, lamb and pork available upon request and cut to custom standards. All animals are pasture raised and processed in a USDA certified and inspected facility.

Beginning late May, look for us every Friday at Integrated Life Center on Music Row in Nashville and on Saturdays at Wild Duck Soup Emporium located on the Centerville Square. These two locations will serve as Market and CSA pick up locations.

By being a part of Pinewood Farms CSA, you are supporting your local farmer and economy. We encourage you to get to know your farmers, so come visit Crystal, Samantha and Nicole at the Farm.

For more information please visit us on Facebook, the Web or email us at For a downloadable CSA sign-up form click here.