Pasture-Raised Chicken

We aim to provide clean and nutritious pasture-raised meats and farm fresh produce to foster a healthy local community. Our sustainable farming and ranching practices are evident throughout Pinewood Farm. From every leaf in our garden to every living being living off of our land, we strive to maintain ecological balance throughout our pastures through the use of mob grazing techniques, seasonal crop rotation, natural composting practices, and more.  By allowing our land to regenerate naturally through these practices, we promote biodiversity in our gardens and pastures, which, in turn, results in nutrient-rich, high-quality, delicious meats and produce for our local community.

As part of these sustainable practices, we raise our chickens humanely. They are never confined to tight cages or pins; instead they are raised in open pastures under special care.

Our pasture-raised chickens roam free in fresh, open pastures, where they enjoy sunshine, fresh air and exercise. They feed on a combination of  nutrient-rich, organic food produced naturally on the farm, as well as non-GMO, soy-free, pesticide-free, grain-based feed to supplement what they eat in our open pastures. Our chickens are not given any antibiotics, synthetic vitamins, artificial hormones or fillers, or appetite enhancers of any kind.  Because of this natural ranching practice, our chickens are healthier and more nutrient-dense than conventional chickens, which are low in Omega-3s, fatty acids and CLAs. There are no harsh pesticides or unnatural chemicals used on our farm, ensuring you are consuming only natural, nutritious and delicious meats, dairy and produce from us.

Our chickens are born, raised and processed all within our local community here in Middle Tennessee. Whole pasture-raised chicken and farm fresh eggs are available online and can be picked up from right here on our 10-acre farm in Nunnelly, TN, as well as in several pick-up locations in Nashville and the surrounding area.

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